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Remote Learning Program: March 23rd - April 7th


Update 3.27.20 - RLP Week 2 Changes 

  1. All remaining assignments are due by Friday 4.3.20 rather than daily.
  2. Hard copy work (that’s not submitted by photo) must be dropped off in the RLP Drop/Pickup Box on campus on Saturday 4.4.20. The plastic bin will be clearly labeled and located on the front porch of the Castle.
  3. Wednesday, 4.1.20 -- Virtual Teacher Workday (No office hours with students).

Christian Heritage Academy's Remote Learning Plan has been created in response to growing concerns and regulations related to the COVID-19 Virus.  It has been approved by our Associate Director of Academics and Head of School as an effective method to ensure the continuity of education for students in a remote format.

Currently, the Remote Learning Program covers 10 days of instruction; from Monday, March 23rd to Friday, April 3rd.  These Remote Learning Days will be counted as official days in our annual school calendar.

Remote Learning Packets

Please keep these hard copy packets in a safe place.  Each day, students should work on the specific assignment provided and submit their completed work either by email (photos, scans, video attachments permissible) or Remind messaging as applicable. If a student is unable to submit their completed work digitally, please contact the teacher to make arrangements for delivery to the school on Friday, April 3rd between 9-3 p.m. 

Click Here to Download Digital Packets
Note: Digital Packets contain clickable links to websites and resources


Student Accountability for Learning

Students are expected to complete their assignments for grades and attendance. Our faculty has worked diligently to prepare lessons that contain valuable content and assignments that can be completed in a reasonable amount of time at home -- no more than 3.5 hours total per day.


Missing assignments will be recorded as 0's. 
Any quizzes / tests should be done as instructed on an honor code system with parental supervision/verification.


It is up to you and your child when you complete the assignments, but assignments for each day must be completed in order for your child’s attendance for that day to count.

Teacher Support & Accessibility

Teachers will be available to help you and your student during daily office hours from 8-10 a.m., 1-3 p.m., and 6-8 p.m. When students have concerns, need help with academic work, or clarifications are needed to complete assignments, they can reach out to their teachers using the email or Remind contact information provided on the Remote Learning Overview sheet in each packet.

Virtual Office Hours for Teachers
Mon. - Fri.
8-10 a.m., 1-3 p.m., 6-8 p.m.

Still Have Questions?

We understand that this transition to Remote Learning may be challenging as schedules and routines are adjusted.  However, we are here to help you and your student succeed.  We're in this together.  Please contact Mrs. Hacker ( with any questions, concerns, or challenges regarding the program.  If you have questions or need clarification about a specific assignment or class, please contact that teacher directly before making contact with Mrs. Hacker. 

Virtual Office Hours for Mrs. Hacker
Mon. - Fri.
9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Digital Packets Downloads

Digital versions of our Remote Learning Packets have been provided to give students clickable access (rather than typing in URL's manually) to various links contained within the packet materials.  Additionally, these digital packets can serve as a backup of the hard copy packets you've already received in case you need them. 

Click on the grade level or course below to access the digital packets. 

Elementary Grades

Secondary Courses