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  Name Title Contact
Grace Altice Altice, Grace Associate Director of Finance & Development 540-483-5855
Eva Atkins Atkins, Eva Elementary Principal 540-483-5855
Amy Ayres-Gebelein Ayres-Gebelein, Amy Associate Director of Admissions & Operations 540-483-5855
Abigail Bennett Bennett, Abigail 540-493-9331
Alisha Bowman Bowman, Alisha Teacher-Elementary Art 540-483-5855
Ashley Campbell Campbell, Ashley Teacher-K5 540-493-9331
Victoria Canipe Canipe, Victoria Teacher 540-493-9331
Dena Custer Custer, Dena Teacher - 3rd grade 540-483-5855
Renee Dennis Dennis, Renee Teacher - 5th Grade 540-483-5855
Cameron Eberth Eberth, Cameron Front Desk Assistant 540-483-5855
Larri English English, Larri Teacher-Resource 540-483-5855
Jeremy Houf Houf, Jeremy Campus Pastor 540-483-5855
Kevin Jacques Jacques, Kevin Teacher-Elementary Music 540-483-5855
Christopher Keller Keller, Christopher Teacher-Secondary History 540-483-5855
Tracy Krehbiel Krehbiel, Tracy Teacher-Secondary Health/PE 540-483-5855
Rebecca Mason Mason, Rebecca Teacher-K5 540-483-5855
Lauren Massey Massey, Lauren Teacher - MS English 540-483-5855
Robert Meredith Meredith, Robert Teacher - Secondary Bible 540-483-5855
Nadine Montgomery Montgomery, Nadine Teacher - Secondary Science 540-483-5855
Jane Moody Moody, Jane Teacher - Resource 540-493-9331
Ashley Moore Moore, Ashley Teacher-4th Grade 540-483-5855
Lisa Moore Moore, Lisa Teacher Aide-K4 540-493-9331
Jodi Novak Novak, Jodi Teacher-1st Grade 540-483-5855
Claudia Oakes Oakes, Claudia Teacher-Spanish 540-483-5855
Jennifer Overstreet Overstreet, Jennifer Teacher-K4 540-493-9331
Ashley Rutrough Rutrough, Ashley Teacher-Secondary History 540-483-5855
Lauren Scott Scott, Lauren Teacher-Secondary Math 540-483-5855
Alison Sloss Sloss, Alison Teacher-Secondary Science/Exploratory 540-483-5855
FL Slough Slough, FL Athletic Director 540-483-5855
Catherine Smallwood Smallwood, Catherine Teacher-K3 540-493-9331
Joshua Smallwood Smallwood, Joshua Head of School 540-483-5855
Tiffany Smith Smith, Tiffany Administrative Assistant 540-493-9331
Catherine Spence Spence, Catherine Teacher-Secondary English 540-483-5855
Kaye Thomas Thomas, Kaye Teacher-1st Grade 540-493-9331
Tracey Thompson Thompson, Tracey Teacher Aide - K4 540-493-9331
Bill Tindale Tindale, Bill Secondary Assistant Principal 540-483-5855
Bradley Turner Turner, Bradley Teacher - Secondary Bible 540-483-5855
Monica Turner Turner, Monica Teacher-K4 540-493-9331
Ashley Wheeler Wheeler, Ashley Teacher-2nd Grade 540-483-5855
Christy Williams Williams, Christy Communications Coordinator 540-483-5855
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