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CHA and its Foundation welcomes your support and investment at any time. Our needs continue to outpace our resources. You can help today and every day as we work together to provide the excellence in instruction, programs, facilities and services that our students and community need and deserve.

The Heritage Fund Annual Campaign

The Heritage Fund Annual Campaign is a year-long campaign that coincides with the start and close of each school year. In order to keep tuition affordable for our families while still advancing our program and facilities, The Heritage Fund fills in the gap between tuition revenues and the annual operating expenses and challenges of CHA.

Specifically, the resources of The Heritage Fund are used to provide scholarships to current and prospective students, to secure annual gifts, and to strengthen the relationship between alumni, supporters, friends, and the school. Some of the areas impacted by the Heritage Fund include:

  • Expansion of academic and administrative technology resources
  • Addition of classroom resources and materials
  • Continuing development of art and athletic programs
  • Preservation of our buildings and grounds
  • Retention and attraction of qualified faculty and staff

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