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Christian Heritage Academy grants tuition assistance based on household income and Federal Income tax figures. Due to a limited amount of monies that are available, early application is encouraged.

FACTS Grant & Aid Application

Visit to complete the online application. FACTS will recommend a specific scholarship amount, and then a final determination will be made by CHA based on the current monies available.

Complete the application for the following year by

  • June 30th – deadline for current CHA students
  • August 10th – deadline for new enrollees

Tuition Management Plan

If approved for financial aid or scholarship, parents must be enrolled in our Tuition Management Plan.  The Tuition Management Plan is an automated payment system in which parents authorize their bank or credit card company to automatically transfer funds to the school on the installment payment dates traditional to the school. Checks by mail are not accepted unless the full year’s tuition/fees are paid at the beginning of the year or upon enrollment. Preauthorized automated payments can be done conveniently from one’s checking or savings account, or by way of MC, Discover, or AMEX. VISA is NOT accepted.

Tuition/fees will can be paid by one of the following methods:

  1. Pay 100% of the tuition/fees directly to the school in cash, check, or money order upon enrollment.
  2. Make twelve (12) monthly installments (starting July and ending in June) via FACTS on one’s checking or savings account. At your discretion, a “custodial account” can be created to satisfy this payment plan through your bank.
  3. Make payment using any of the above options by way of one’s AMEX, MC, or Discover cards. Please call FACTS at 800-233-1096 to enroll. Please note, there is a small convenience fee (2.5%), in addition to the FACTS fee, associated with this option.

Please contact the school’s office (540-483-5855) if you have questions regarding he FACTS tuition process.