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We prayerfully seek to enroll students who exhibit good character, a strong work ethic, and a willingness to be trained. These qualifications serve as indicators that a student’s heart is oriented towards God and that they are ready to receive the full benefit of our program; built around the seven core values of knowledge, nurture, integrity, gratitude, honor, truth, and stewardship.



We share God’s gift of knowledge with thanksgiving and reverence.

Nurture -

We maintain a nurturing environment by showing love, grace, and mercy towards others.

Integrity -

We resolve to operate with moral integrity that glorifies the Lord.

Gratitude -

We show gratitude as God’s creation by striving for excellence.

Honor -

We honor the Lord’s authority in a Christ-centered community.

Truth -

We commit to Truth as revealed in Scripture and through Jesus Christ.

Stewardship -

We serve as stewards of God's resources and opportunities.


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